As an example, correct swallowing depends on a proper relationship between muscles of the face, mouth, throat and airway.​ The act of swallowing is one function that depends on the body's vital balance.  Proper swallowing involves muscles and nerves of the tongue, cheeks and throat muscles must work together in harmony. Irregular swallow also called immature swallow forces the tongue pressure forward against the upper teeth at each swallow equal to 1000-1400 swallows per day. Tongue thrust tongue sits down and back, this anomaly blocks the airway.  The child or adult must breath through their mouth to breath.  Mouth breathers typically have posture concerns as the head must move forward to unblock the airway that is blocked by the lower sitting tongue.  It is a vicious circle of unhealthy habits unknown to Mom, Dad or child.

​We take many things for granted with the human body.  When the body is not in harmony, other muscles are compensating for the imbalance of the facial, tongue and oral muscles.  Pain irritability lack of sleep, lack of oxygen to the brain due to mouth breathing all take a toll on the human body and is imbalanced.  Muscles in Harmony will assist in keeping the body in harmony.  Mouth breathing has been connected to ADD/ADHD, have children been misdiagnosed?? It takes knowledge and awareness from collaborative professionals to determine what is best for each individual.  Each human has their own distinct personalized needs. 

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Orofacial therapy is a program used to correct improper function of facial muscles and tongue. 

Harmony of the human body is wondrous, but complex.  A harmonious pattern is needed to maintain this mechanical marvel to operate at its best.  As with any mechanical system, when any function of the body is thrown off problems develop.

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