Tongue thrust is an orofacial muscular imbalance - also known as immature or reverse swallow. 

This imbalance allows the tongue to protrude through the anterior teeth during a swallow. Children up to the age of 6 and older may exhibit this swallowing pattern.

Physical Concerns 

Tongue Thrust in Action

Dentist, dental hygienists and orthodontists are concerned with the effects of the tongue and facial muscles on the occlusion (how the teeth bite together). Too much tongue pressure against the teeth on the inside with unequal amount of facial muscle pressure from the outside, may result in a malocclusion or misalignment of teeth, the tongues resting posture and facial muscles play an important role in balance and harmony.  When the tongue is constantly resting against the front teeth and upper lip is short or weak, the front teeth will be pushed forward.

Orofacial Therapy is the solution to place tongue, lips facial muscles in harmony.

Signs of Tongue Thrust 

  • Tongue protruding between or against upper/lower front teeth
  • Frequent open-mouth resting posture with lips apart
  • Lips often dry, cracked, chapped and sore from frequent licking
  • Fatigue during school, work
  • Gum tissue inflammation

It takes a team when correcting any imbalance in the human body.  Not one professional has all the answers.  Combination of treatments may be needed.

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