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Sociallya snorer can be an target for ridicule, bed partners can experience sleepless nights and fatigue

 Medically snoring disturbs a good nights sleep, the patterns which deprives oxygen to the blood, causes the heart to work harder. 

Children with allergies, enlarged tonsils, adenoids, will breath through their mouth.  This is a concern for their posture and over all health.  Open mouth posture is not healthy for children or adults.  Dry mouth can cause periodontal disease, bad breath, dry lips, frequent illness,  and lack of oxygen to the brain that can cause brain deficiencies.


Undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea includes heart attacks, strokes, impotence, irregular heart beat, blood pressure and heart disease. Sleep apnea can result in sleepiness during the day, at work or at school. Each patient is different and should schedule a visit to their medical physician. Severity could be mild, moderate or severe.  Don't walk run to the physicians office. 

Myofunctional Therapy can wait to assist you after a medical evaluation.


  • ​morning headaches
  • unrefreshed sleep
  • dry mouth upon waking
  • high blood pressure
  • overweight
  • irritability
  • change in personality
  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating
  • heart burn
  • reduce libido
  • insomina
  • restless sleep
  • nocturnal snorting, gasping, choking - may wake self
  • rapid weight gain​​

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Sleep Apnea

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Dry lips, Dry tongue, Dry mouth

not healthy, can cause cavities, bad breath, and more. 

Snoring sounds occur when there is an obstruction to the free flow of air at the back of the mouth and nose. 

Snoring may be a sign of poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat.  The tongue falls backwards into the airway when muscles are relaxed results in snore noise.