Mouth Breathing - Healthy - non-healthy (you decide)

Mouth breathing also known as open-mouth posture/breathing is breathing through the mouth rather than the nose. Mouth breathing may be abnormal when a child or adult breathes through their mouth at rest. Breathing through ones mouth is sometimes a necessity due to not getting enough air.  Chronic mouth breathing can cause negative consequences on dental and facial growth. Approximately 85% of mouth breathers due to nasal obstruction. 


            1. Nasal airway compromised

            2. Allergies 

            3. Tongue tie

            4. Enlarge tonsils

            5. Short upper lip

            6. Open anterior bite

            7. High narrow palate

            8. Malocclusion

            9. Narrow maxillary arch

          10. Tongue thrust

The tongue is the rudder of the body. Human tongue controls how we eat, chew, suck, digest and speak.  The tongue ideally is positioned on the palate/roof of the mouth.  The tongue balances the integrity of the developing maxilla. The tongues natural position is to rest and form maxillae for erupting baby and adult teeth for the correct position on the upper arch the mandibular arch will follow.  The tongue is the natural expander of the mouth it's job is  to form a wide horseshoe shape palate.  Tethered, anchored, to the floor of the mouth, the tongue cannot reach the palate and do it's natural job.  Teeth will not erupt and develop the mouth and teeth normally. Orthodontic treatment will be needed. Seeing a child as early as the age of 3 can make a world of developmental difference. 

Chronic mouth breathing causes the tongue to drop to the floor of the mouth, also open mouth posture cause the pH in the mouth to drop  to acid levels which can cause cavities.  Cost of dental care is high.  See us to reduce your health and dental risks.

We work with a team of doctors as ENT, oral surgeons, dentists, orthodontists and pediatricians to correct breathing to normal nasal breathing.

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