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Mouth breathing can begin at birth

Studies have proven that mouth breathing causes many sleepless nights, which causes for

sleep deprivation for any child or adult that needs to concentrate for school or work. The human tongue is a muscle, "muscle that always wins" if not in the correct tongue posture.

Myofunctional disorders can be corrected with specific exercises, time and patience, the

earlier therapy is started for any child or adult the quicker the oral and facial balance.

Babies that have trouble breast feeding or bottle feeding may have a frenum muscle that is causing the problem. All babies need nourishment, all mothers want their baby to thrive.

Check the baby's frenum under the tongue and under the front lip.  Sometimes, these

muscles are too short or tight and need to be adjusted via a release with a simple laser or cauterize technique. This treatment is non-invasive, less traumatic for all.

Children today have many allergies, allergies cause stuffy noses which causes open mouth breathing, which causes dry lips, dry mouth, lack of oxygen to the brain through out their school day, less attention to detail in school or at home.  Allergy medication causes drowsiness, it is a viscous circle of unhealthy life for children.  With several techniques on breathing re-education of the tongue posture, your child will be breathing again to have fun and enjoy childhood.

Airway obstruction via open mouth posture has been connected to ADD/ADHD. 

Schedule an appointment to assess all frenums, sucking, swallow and breathing sequence.

Tight frenums prevent the tongue from doing its job. Without free movement, the tongue prevents correct chewing, swallowing, digestion, breathing, posture and speech.

Call today for an early assessment.

Airway Obstruction